About Us

About Us

Platinum Reinsurance Brokers is an organization of professional consultants with more than 35 years of experience in the fields of global insurance, reinsurance, and risk markets.

Our leadership and professional approach have forged strong bonds with leading global insurance and reinsurance markets. Our company was created to respond to the market’s increasing need for specialized insurance know-how in the Middle-east, GCC and Africa.

One of the most pressing challenges by being a multinational company is how to adapt to needs, expectations, and internal cultures of multiple markets.

To this end, Platinum actively studies each insurance marketplace to remain knowledgeable of all developing insurance coverage changes, trends, programs, and policy improvements across multiple markets and offer companies insurance plans specific to their region and sometimes country. This allows our customers to have access to the most current, optimal, creative, and cost effective insurance and risk management solutions.

Our team is dedicated to building a business with the insurance market worldwide and a reputation for developing professional relationships with our clients founded upon knowledge of their business and their specific insurance needs.

Very few companies undergo insurance requirement audit on their existing and new contracts. Through this service, and based on accurate and in depth studies of the different contracts in place, Platinum can help you better understand, assess, and fully manage the risks and responsibilities associated with your contracts and will consequently allow you to save significant amounts on your premiums.

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